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Email Security Awareness Video

Email Security Awareness Video

There is just something about this time of year – everyone busy with the new year, working on taxes and payroll – that the email scammers come out in full force. We would like to help you and your colleagues avoid problems when technology solutions can’t prevent the problem. With that in mind, we made a 5-minute YouTube video we produced which highlights typical email scams we’ve seen. More importantly, it gives you steps you can take to deal with them more effectively.

We originally sent this to a few of our clients, and their feedback was so positive we decided to make it public. We would encourage you to send this to anyone else who might benefit (especially if they conduct business over email). It is applicable both professionally and personally and we think it quite worth the 5 minutes.

This is our very first video, done by our very own Skip Carruth! We’re considering making more! Please let us know if you found it valuable enough to pass on and if other future videos might be helpful to you. As always, any and all feedback would be much appreciated!


Here are links to the tools Skip mentions in the video:

https://haveibeenpwned.com: Checks if your email address has been compromised in a known security breach

https://urlscan.io: Checks a web address for legitimacy or the presence of malware

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