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Meet the Team

Ray Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Ray is our CEO and he is passionate about helping businesses – both ours and our clients’ – succeed. Except for Skip, he’s probably been involved with IT longer than anyone – he was troubleshooting computers and repairing them at his school when he was seven! As an intern while attending UMHB, he was involved with IT, but really started growing when he joined our team in 2005. When he transitioned most of our clients to managed services, our MSP business was truly born, and we then grew it from five to forty people between 2006 and 2016. In that time, he was a help desk tech, business processes consultant, account manager, salesperson, sales engineer, client services manager, sales manager, and COO. If you want to get his juices flowing, challenge him to any team sport or ask him to go snow skiing. He’s married to his high school sweetheart and they have three high-energy boys. Oh… and both of his parents are also small business entrepreneurs.

Skip Carruth
Principal | Strategic Advisor

Skip is the old guy (hey, somebody has to be the oldest!) and the reluctant entrepreneur. Though trained as an engineer (BSME in ‘82 from Texas A&M), he got into IT full time in 1999 when he started JC Technology Group in Temple, Texas. He is passionate about the culture and values that form the core of a business, investing time in mentoring young folks, and helping our clients get the most out of their IT. Married for 36 years and the father of three children and three nearly-perfect grandchildren, he dabbles in home design and not-quite-finishing his ’73 Triumph TR-6. He also manages our financials and keeps the taxing authorities happy!

Jeremy Thompson
Principal | Strategic Advisor

Jeremy is our serial entrepreneur. We like to say he has “business ADD,” because he’s started, bought, and sold many businesses in multiple fields. He gained his IT skills during 10 years of developing and operating many movie theaters, wherein he provided design, implementation and support for their IT needs. His experience makes him awesome at helping clients make wise decisions in their IT investments. Married for 20 years with two kids, Jeremy loves football, playing games with the family, driving things really fast, and creation science. Though to really engage Jeremy, just start talking about business. It’s his passion and joy!

Eli Meier
CTO | Solutions Architect

Eli is our jack-of-all-trades. His degree is in English, and he intended to teach before he discovered a natural aptitude for computers. He combines the two in his role at Lighthouse, as he has a unique ability to explain complex technology in relatable, understandable conversation. Over 18 years working in IT, he’s written e-commerce programs for a university, set up an email cluster for a major league baseball team, and managed/executed hundreds of IT projects. He enjoys classic Volkswagens, cooking and barbeque, and hiking and camping. He and his wife have been married 16 years, have nine kids, and have nearly as many at home as we have at the office! Though he is 6’1”, he is the SHORTEST male in his entire extended family. We all feel badly for him.

Aaron Johnstone
Director of Operations

With more patience than Job and more experience than most people in IT today, Aaron is the go-to guy for challenging problems. He directs our team both in the maintenance and help-desk functions. Aaron has been in IT for over 14 years and has played nearly every role possible EXCEPT, he reminds us, Sales. We can test almost every system in our client base on Aaron’s home network because it’s extensive and complex. When he isn’t tinkering with computers, he loves to read, play video games with his kids, and run. Several years ago, Aaron went from a couch potato to a marathoner in nine months, losing more than 100 pounds in the process! Aaron’s been married to his wife for 16 years and they have three children – two girls and a boy. His teammates say, “I can always count on him to have my back. If I can’t find the answer, Aaron knows where to look!”

Adam Kolls
Help Desk

Adam was in the Navy before he joined our team in 2015. He is cool under pressure and a calming influence on the help desk. Perhaps this is because, after staring down Somali pirates off the coast of Africa, printer and email problems don’t seem so intimidating! Adam likes to shoot things (not people – thought we should make that clear), play Xbox, and of course, shoot things on Xbox! A husband of 10 years with two children, he has been all over the world and still calls Central Texas his home. His teammates say, “Adam has an incredible memory when it comes to our clients. He remembers names, Internet settings, applications and printers!”

Laura Ellis
Help Desk

Laura has patience that can only be honed over five years of directing a church children’s program. During that time, her church also benefitted from her help maintaining their computers, and the local college’s IT students were grateful for her regular tutoring. She now has two years’ experience as a full-time help desk technician and enjoys hiking and listening to audiobooks. She has two grown sons and recently added a daughter-in-law! If you ever tire of her having all the answers when you call the help desk, feel free to try to stump her with obscure Dr. Who trivia. Or better yet, ask her about her time performing for “Get A Clue!” murder mystery dinner theater!

Ashli Adams
Help Desk

Ashli started out in our admin position, but picked up on IT so well that we knew we needed to bring her on to the help desk. It’s been a great fit for her, and our clients love her! Ashli is always cold, but inexplicably also likes to go barefoot in the office. She has been on TV twice in her life, but we aren’t sure if we should be impressed, as we’ve seen lots of people on reality shows and America’s Most Wanted! She has (perhaps wisely) not yet revealed to us the when and the why of her appearances. She loves hiking, traveling, and – who’d have guessed? – karaoke!

Tyler Severson
Projects Team

Tyler cut his technological teeth over the last four years both in part-time work and in working with one of our telephony partners. Tyler loves working and learning, and has built a larger network at his home than 90% of our clients have in their businesses! He is thoughtful with his own money, preferring to buy a home and drive an old truck rather than pay rent and car payments. His hobbies of woodworking and gardening dovetail nicely with home ownership! He’s been known to play a bit of electric guitar and his newest hobby is 3D modeling and printing. He’s also getting married this spring, and several of our team are in the wedding party!

Jenn Monaghan

We have a few things to say about Jenn. In a vast sea of geek-types, she’s outgoing and, dare I say, effervescent. Jenn is a determined young lady – she’s been working hard to complete her Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology and she’s almost there. During this time, she’s worked full-time in the insurance industry and in the statistics department of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. AND she’s raised two children by herself! I’m telling you – she’s determined! Her hobbies include crochet (limited audience among the geeks here), hand-lettering (though some of us think hands are only for mice and keyboards), and fishing (finally something we can all agree on, cuz we’re from TEXAS!). You’ll love Jenn!

Brodie Cutts
Help Desk

Brodie came to our attention through a fellow Resident Assistant at our local college, University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. We caught him trying to work as a Dell ProSupport agent in Round Rock (you know – handling warranty repairs, third party applications and Windows support) and thinking, “There must be more to life than working at Dell.” This from a guy who spent eight years living in the mission field in the Dominican Republic! We had to help the guy! When Brodie isn’t geeking, he loves to watch football, play Madden (hey, that’s a little geeky) and – writing and playing music. A number of us really like cars and are following Brodie’s restoration of a 1978 Datsun 280Z.

Ridge Smith
Help Desk

Ridge joined us in December of 2018. We kind of consider him a Christmas gift. Seriously though – what a cool name! Ridge. Seems like he’d be Navy SEAL or a Delta operator. Perfect for our guerrilla help desk team! Ridge is kind of like Ray – they both cut their teeth in IT by helping teachers with computers in middle school. Ridge has spent the last 5 years working primarily with mobile devices  – phones, tablets, laptops – but by far his favorite repairs involve Nintendo handhelds. This is because he’s a Nintendo fanboy and an avid gamer. He’s also been known to watch a lot of Star Trek and, as you might expect, a lot of anime. Ridge jumped right in because he has a great work ethic – a mix of meticulousness and the commitment to finish his bachelor’s degree while managing a store full-time. Meet Ridge – guerrilla geek!

Riley Bush

Riley is a fresh UMHB grad and a longtime intern-turned-employee. Recently married and with no kids a brand new baby girl, he has plenty of time absolutely no time to do the things he enjoys, like hunting, archery, hiking and reading. At one point, Riley was on his way to Dallas Theological Seminary to study Hebrew and Greek, but it looks as if he’s decided to stay local and study Geek instead!

Mitchell Motsinger

Mitchell interned with us a bit before graduating UMHB in the spring of 2019. At that point, we were thrilled to have him sign on with us full-time! Before he joined us, he’d had some practical tech experience modding various video games and building a server with a professor, and his skills have grown from there. Mitchell enjoys reading, playing video games, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family. He says they all call him “Mitchell,” but our team has dubbed him “Mitch,” and in his characteristic easygoing manner, he answers to it with good humor.

If you need a lighthouse, let us know!