About Us

Reliable, super-responsive support for all your technology problems

Passion meets purpose

At Lighthouse, technology is our passion, and we’ve spent over a decade cultivating the necessary skills and expertise to equip businesses throughout Texas with IT solutions that enable them to work more efficiently.

Our purpose is symbolized by the venerable lighthouse. A lighthouse helps ships steer clear of dangers and points them in the right direction. Each ship has a unique purpose — the lighthouse is simply a tool to help the ship pursue its mission. This epitomizes our purpose: to help businesses navigate the turbulent tech waters and guide them toward growth and success.

Working with Lighthouse saves you money

Apart from always-on IT and a superior tech support team, you’ll also enjoy no diagnostic fees, labor fees, additional fees, or hidden fees of any kind. We charge a flat monthly or annual rate, and you’ll know exactly what you pay for.

Experienced IT specialists by your side

Our team is comprised of expert technicians with a wide range of skills. They’re committed to helping your business and invested in your success.