Stay compliant with HIPAA regulations and improve patient satisfaction

Are you aware of all of the recent HIPAA compliance requirements? Do your medical staff have the time to get themselves up to speed or are they consumed by other tasks related to billing or administration? Keeping up with regulatory mandates and technology changes can be daunting, but Lighthouse is here to help.

Our comprehensive range of IT solutions can streamline your practice so you can significantly reduce patient turnaround time and improve treatment quality. We’ll take care of all your technology and compliance needs, freeing you time to focus on delivering outstanding patient care.

You can rest assured that while your practice focuses on providing patients with a better quality of life, the technology you rely on daily is secure and available 24/7.

Lighthouse’s solutions benefit healthcare practices in many ways:

  • Better industry and legal compliance
  • Faster and more secure data management and transfer
  • More efficient patient care
  • 24/7 system availability