Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Get your business back on its feet quickly in the event of a disaster

Every business owner knows the true value of their data and the importance of data backups. If you’re using external physical backups, you may have experienced their value firsthand, but what if you could drastically decrease the time spent restoring your servers and data after an incident? Lighthouse can make that a reality with our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

Whether you’re facing hardware failures or unexpected disasters, Lighthouse has you covered. We’ll make sure your business’s data remains safe with real-time backups, best-in-class cloud storage, reliable data recovery tools, and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery services are more than just a backup service, it’s a complete fail-safe for your servers and data.

Lighthouse prepares your business with:

  • Data backup – to bulletproof your mission-critical data files
  • Fast recovery – restore access to files and emails quickly
  • Virtualization of failed servers – reduce downtime from days to minutes
  • Remote off-site storage – we archive your data at our secure data center