Cyber Security

Protect your network and data with multiple layers of security

Lighthouse ensures your network has the best possible security in place using traditional solutions such as patching, firewall management, and antivirus software. We also provide advanced, round-the-clock detection tools to uncover threats inside your network, making sure you’re protected on all fronts.

We are diligent when it comes to network security, actively maintaining your systems with best-practice security techniques. Our staff is specially trained in the complexities of IT security and offers a wide range of services to help guard your network against internal and external threats.

Our advanced security programs are the first line of defense for your network, protecting it from all forms of malware and hacker attacks.

Lighthouse’s Network Security solutions include:

  • A thorough network assessment to identify and eliminate cyberattacks
  • Anti-malware programs that detect malicious files before they breach your systems
  • Robust firewalls that block unauthorized access to your network
  • Content filtering that restricts employee access to suspicious websites